The  History  of  The  Fraud  
Of  Evolution  Theory

Even atheists would have to confess, the hearts of men are bent on sin and living outside of God's laws. To be able to fornicate with multiple sex mates, live for self and to become money grabbing greedy power hungry success driven people is something I believe everyone around us can attest to, that men are vulnerble to sin. The wars, war profiteering, big pharma, scandals, conspiracies and supressed inventions are an overwhelming testimony to these facts.

This natural inclination to not believe in a diety who requires accountability is the cataylist that has driven men throughout history and in recent American history. Thus enters the theory of evolution. It was the 1920s and 1930s and great, legitimate, scientific discoveries were being made. Blend evolution theory into the industrial revolution and with the big money backing only universities who would cater to the theory, you have a recipie for grand delusion.

The bankers who’ve controlled the media since 1917, when JP Morgan bought 25 of the world's most powerful newspapers and inserted his own editors, is a major factor in this receipie of fools. Little does the public know, this is a proven fact on the Congressional Record

From the big university grant money available, “scientists” began lining up for grand archaological “discoveries”, wonderfully backed by the big money media owned by the banksters.

No independent media from the internet revolution, no creation science yet to engange in the illusion. Just decades of bankster media control, big money, and presitge in the name of science to harden the minds of unbelief.

In steps the 1970s and the beginnings of creation science. By then, the snake oil of evolution had done its slithering work, hardening the minds of the incorporated.

New discoveries disproving the apeman theory would have to be covered up and censored. The reputation of mass media, pseudo science, university professors and the like would be questioned. Several new alternative insanities would arise from the confusion, such as punctuated equilibrium, where leaps in the genetic record would suddenly appear to make up for the lack of what 7 decades of desperate geologic research could not produce. Some people would then turn to aliens. Yes, it was the aliens that had seeded the planet and then evolved. Far fetched alternates would meet the desperate evolutionary identity crisis, but never biblical creationism. That would be the one idea they could never accept.

We are now near the end of the year 2013 and still, men hold to the notion, with that mass media money and university professor incorporated foolish notion that it all happened by chance, like a boeing 747 formed out of a heap of junk yard scraps. Even when the founder of their god of evolutionary blind faith said of the evolution of the eye, “I confess, absurd in the highest degree”, they still hold to Darwin, and his idea of missing links still yet to be discovered, but never was. Bet you that quote won't make their papers. Oh.... it never did.

We are now in the 10th decade since the monkey trials and still, we see no real missing links, just the lottery odds of punctuated equilibrium genetic leap frogs. How scientific is that!?

The real issue here is honesty and I cannot trust men who are tied to this system and it's heaping mounds of lies. They have other motives and cannot tell the truth because they are of the matrix of the powers that be, who continue in that bent human nature of wanting to love and make a lie.

Revelation 22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers and lewd men and murderers an idolaters and whoever loveth and maketh a lie

Yes, it is that serious because evolutionists have swayed others to their death with their presumptuous theory. The blood of others are on their hands. They are not without guilt before God who will hold them accountable to the grand illusion that has led men astray.

Not one bit ashamed, Weather